Michael Joaquin Grey: 
Selected Computational Films and Video Work
"Northern Romantic Citrus", computational film, 2006-2009.  
transforming "Lone Oak Tree" by Caspar David Friedrich
high speed time lapse of computational drawing
Artificial Muscle Contraction (1984)
The Fourth Flavor: The Rise and Fall with Fanta (2004)
Missed Curious Yellow (2004)
Between Two Milkbars (2005)
Sam Slime Stress Cycle (2005)
Perpetual Zooz (2005)
Reentry (2005)
Rereentry (2005)
The So What Moon Calendar (2005)
Past Proprioception (2006)
Recapitulate: Retrace, Erase, Repeat (2007)
Northern Romantic Citrus (2006-2009)